BHIM APP vs Paytm APP: Find out which one is better

By | January 6, 2017

Narendra Modi’s BHIM APP vs Paytm APP Find out which one is better: PM Modi released the BHIM app last week to promote digital transactions in the country. The app registered 3 million downloads on Android’s Play Store within 4 days of its launch and has crossed all-time popular applications like WhatsApp and Messenger to reach the number one position in Top Charts. Being in it’s nascent stage, the app is facing a lot problems dealing with the exceptional popularity.

BHIM APP vs Paytm APP: Find out which one is better

bhim app

Let’s find out how the app fares against the other popular e-wallet, Paytm.


Since the app is backed by the Indian government there is a better sense of security while using the app.  Bhim uses three levels of authentication, one between the phone and app, second between the app and the bank and the third between bank and the phone.

On the other hand, Paytm is a private firm but it has been in the e-wallet industry since the year 2010 and is well acquainted with the issues and potential of this industry.

Mobile wallet

Paytm uses its own wallet which needs to be recharged frequently. It can be recharged via Netbanking or credit/debit cards.

BHIM does not save money in an e-wallet but transfers money from one bank account to another by just using the bank information and phone number.

User friendliness

Paytm has undergone various updates and bug fixes which makes the interface much more smooth and user friendly.

Bhim on the other hand is reeling with bugs and occasional crashes.  Once it crosses this teething phase, the app might become much simpler to use, in comparison to any other e-wallet in the market.

Assuming the government will eventually release updates to fix the crashes and bugs, BHIM’s simplified approach towards mobile banking can help Indians get through this demonetization phase with a little less trouble.


3 thoughts on “BHIM APP vs Paytm APP: Find out which one is better

  1. Kabir

    i, am a user of your bhim app. the app is good and very useful too. its a very fast app. many people are afraid to use this app frequently because it has a draw back and it should be corrected. Otherwise the app is a new concept as for Indians because UPI based apps didnt got any craze in the country. However, only BHIM is the UPI app which has crossed over 18 millions downloads on google play store.

  2. Rokom Rongpi

    I’m very thankful to our pm about these open eye of digital india


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